random of the randoms

random of the randoms

I was blog hopping and well, I ended up reading Ummar’s blog, lol. Was reading his archives when i saw this..:

i really cant stand alo’s im-better-than-you attitude its like everything tat comes from his mouth is putting down other people… i noe he scored well for O levels and all but there is no reason to send hidden message to everyone all the time… i remember he once said

“aloalo [10 Feb 2007 10:40 pm] says:
The 3 Rafflesians must pay attention to their studies this year even though they are not taking O levels, ok?! :angry:”

this sentence just piss me off its like he’s saying “hey, im an accomplished person with a good O level score.. since im the one with the best O level score amongst all the elitez, im going to self proclaim myself as your studying coach and you better study well to score almost-just-as-well-as-me-but-lower-so-i-can-still-feel-like-im-the-best” who does he think he is anyway? definitely not sincere at all lor… i definitely scored higher than this gay guy pls… he’s giving post O level advise to everyone? when i see his theory on the future career possiblity i was like =.=||.. this kid definitely watch too much TV and is naive of Singapore’s reality…

then there’s the time he post his economics and physics notes… i was like =.=|| again… wad he’s saying is “i want to show other people than im taking a cheem A level subject and i bet none of the kids in habbo and litez ever seen such a cheem stuff before…” obviously he just copy some notes from the OHP the teacher shown and probably dont understand it yet but looking for ways to hao lian at his peers. maybe i shud post up my biotech yr3… den see how he piss in his pants…

i thought i had got over this whole alo-is-a-fag shit months ago but this message from admin discussion just piss me of all over again… fudgy was saying something about how she fell asleep during economic class and alo interupt saying something about how he is taking the same subject and she can call him anytime if she doesnt understand anything… @_@ if its one thing i learn in poly is tat students with good academic score in sec sch don’t neccesarily do well in tert sch… i haf frens who had lousier l1r4 score than me getting 3.8 (out of max 4) GPA and getting honours role… and i haf friends who repeat another year in JC… he’s definitely underestimating fudgy and other students who didnt do as well as him…

Haha I felt touch reading it because of the underestimating me thingy, lol. I agree so much that alo is such a snobbb. Blah.

A111 UT later and holidays after next week. Can’t wait!


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