OMG!! SINGfest was sooo cool. Met Aysh and Dan and set off for fort canning park! lolz we got lost -_- After walking round and round.. we found ourself INSIDE the place already while the queue is actually outside. lmao then we had to walk out again to the entrance -_-” I was panting like mad already ok!

We had to wait for 3 hours plus before they let us in. By then it was already so fucking hot and I haven’t even eaten or drank anything and I almost got dehydrated. Tsk. Well anyway when the gates opened, everyone rushed in.. but thing is, the bands only started playing 1 hr later LOLOL.

First band that played was The Great Spy Experiment! My fave band! Guess what? The bassist of that band is aysh’s cousin. COOL RIGHT! SO AYSH, RMB! ASK HIM FOR THEIR ALBUM LOLOL.

Next was M’sian band One Buck Short. LOL they suck. Same goes for the band after that, Crowned King. Their songs have no tune.. just random screaming.

COBRA STARSHIP WAS NEXT! Woot they rock. Gabe the lead singer is a camwhore but anyway, their songs rock!! I was jumping and singing along like mad. Lol! The Church of Hot Addiction~

After that was The Academy Is.. They’re so-so la. I just sat around with Aysh and listened to them. Haha.

Oh ya, did I mention, the drinks sold there is so ex! $3 for a bottle of green tea -.-! Scammed.

Gym Class Heroes was next. They’re okay. I only know 2 of their songs though. Clothes off and Cupid’s Chokehold. Lol.

Blah blah.. FINALLY at 8.20pm, AVENGED SEVENFOLD! THEY WERE THE BEST! Most of the people who went for SINGfest actually came to watch a7x! Hah! The crowd was madness, with the moshpit and all. I kept getting banged and pushed. -_- It was cool lah, singing along and jumping like fuck, taking pictures.. lol.

Long break after that.. and a reallly really really REALLY EXTREMELY SUPERCALIFRAGISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUSLY SUCKY BAND, NOISETTES. The girl lead singer is totally stupid and such a loser, jumping around as if she rocks and posing like a slut. -.-” They played longer than a7x which is so unfair. Boo. Noisettes raped our ears.

Hah we left after that cos Aysh and Dan had to go. 😦 I missed out Hinder and MxPx. SAD LAH! haha but nvm la.. If i stayed also I’ll miss the last train home. I tried making them stay at first, by hugging Aysh’s leg. I got muddy by doing so. @_@

Overall Singfest was good good. It can be better.. with better bands and more local bands! Quite worth my $100 bux for loads of awexome bands!

*Maroon – Faves
*Blue – So-so


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