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alrighty, spare time to blog.
haven’t blogged for a long time because i”m lazy and i cannot be bothered to.
2 weeks break was over. 😦 i want more holidays! haha
did quite alright things during the hols. baking, outings, class bbq etc etc.
haha even managed to work for 2 days.. LOL.. $80 only. haha

i’m effing bored la. seems like i won’t get my compaq laptop back. fker uncle nags bla bla bla. i still can use what, why u complain so much sial. nb. k nevermind.

this week is alright. first 2 days of school wasnt so bad.
dying my hair maroonish on thurs 😀
going bugis to shop for clothes on fri. yay red tie here i come!
going for sakura buffet on sat. shaawn better come! 😀 haven’t met him before so yea. wee
then next wed aysh is gonna highlight my hair.
and my lenovo laptop will come on th 30th. i so cannot wait. woot.

very hungry now. ate chicken chunk and sausage an hour ago. rulan tabao-ing duck rice for me. yum.

at this rate i donno how am i gonna last school. it’s fine but some ppl just suck.. everyone was like so close together the first few weeks and now the class has cliques.. team helmet la wad la.. bah.. whatever

i can’t be bothered.
as long i’m fine it’s alright for me.
k bye.

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