random post

random post

alrighty, blog time during brunch. last week has kinda crappy. i skipped 2 days of school because i was exhausted after 3 days of work so i skipped school on monday. 3 days of school after that. went to collect my laptop from compaq. :S everything gone coz’ they replaced my hard disk. skipped school on friday coz i woke up with a damn painful migrane which lasted till sunday. work was tiring. i donno whether this is coincidental or what, last week ummar came to eat at the restaurant i’m working at. guess what? yesterday, my sec sch bio teacher came to eat with her family at the same restaurant. -.-!! i was so shocked she saw me cos i didn’t expect her to eat there. i hope she won’t think that i wasn’t posted to any school and had to work there full time. =\

last week was also a very negative week for me cos i wasn’t feeling well & just plain unhappy. it sucks seeing this girl being so happy with both her parents, being so well off without monetary problems and just having what she wants without working hard. she already has an iPod and wants to buy another Creative mp3. she gets a new phone everytime. she’s just so lucky.. and here i am so miserable, having to work like fuck just to earn money while they have money coming to them. sigh i wonder what i did to deserve such a miserable life…

parents divorced, living with mom & bro in a spartan house, monetary problems, not much bonding between family members.. working just to buy a new laptop in replacement of broken screen which compaq charges so fucking expensive to repair.. and no life. my classmates can afford to watch movies whenever they want to, dine at pizzahut or pastamania or whatever nice restaurants whenever to want to and just enjoy themselves la.. i’m envious..

i just wish to lead a normal life.


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