hello, hello.

class now, haha.
haven’t been blogging for the past few days because i have no access to a computer. 😦
my laptop is broken and apparently the hard disk is faulty. still waiting for them to deliver it back.
i’ve started working too. as a waitress at a malay restaurant in kembangan.
it’s damn damn tiring job.
my leg was like jelly by the end of the day.
from fri to sun, 4pm – 1am. still have to clean up and close shop. by them its 2am. zz.
the pay is fine. $40 bux per day. and i get the pay when i leave. 😀 haha.
so tiring till i had to skip school on monday so i can rest.

and guess what, on sunday i was doing my job, sending food to the tables la then, i saw this familiar head of hair. LOL. i glanced again and IT WAS UMMAR. IM LIKE OMG. WHY MUST HE EAT HERE WHEN IM IN MY WORST STATE. -.-!!! freaking embarrassing scene!!! sigh. then later when i went to wash my hands, i stepped into the loo and he came out from his cubicle in UNISON! omg -.-! of all places to bump into him it must be at a freaking crowded restaurant and in the toilet!!! jeeeez!! =.=!!

monday, yesterday. wanted to sleep already but my mom smsed me to go eat. 😀
we ate at a seafood restaurant. chilli crab galoreeeee!! scrumptious. (dunno spelling?)
while waiting for my food, my friend was like, “wth you doing here?” by sms. then im like. “huh?” -.-” he was actually behind me, like 3m away. lol.


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