compaq sucks

compaq = sucky = don’t buy it.

you guys should have probably known that my laptop cracked and died. i sent it for repairs last few weeks and was quoted $1k to repair. then, wei quan, my classmate who likes like shaawn lol sent his acer laptop for repair cos the screen was glitched. there was a faint white patch on the screen cos he pressed the top to hard. guess what? even though it wasn’t under warranty, acer replaced his laptop for FREE on goodwill. see? that’s how good acer is. and jonny, my other classmate, had his laptop screen hinge loose and you guessed it, dell replaced his laptop for free too. argh fuck you compaq.

and to add on to my hatred on compaq, i went to the service center yesterday to take back my sadly broken laptop after the full check. my journey there and waiting time took 3hrs plus. the fucked up part comes here. they said i cannot take my laptop back cos the hard disk was faulty and they are repairing it. fuck. i wasted time going all the way to alexandra road. fuck. they’ll send the laptop back to my door steps tho.

.. i hate compaq and i hate my bad luck recently. whoever’s cursing me, enough, stop it. you’ve had your fun. -.-


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