Bah. i was about to blog but my friends asked to go for breakfast.. and now i’m here. today’s wednesday and wednesday = communications module. my fave. but today we’re supposed to do some crap so.. yah. i’m here blogging.

3 weeks of school has passed and my grades kinda suck. I’ll show ya.

Week 1: B,C,B,C,B
Week 2: B,B,B,B,B
Week 3: B,C,C,C,B

-.- so unstable. at this rate, i’m not gonna get a gpa of 3.2! >:l zz..
digressing, i’m still hungry even though i just had a plate of duck rice and ice kacang, smth i’ve been craving for a long time. >_>

back to class, will blog later.



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