in class

another random post

right. currently i’m in class now and i’m horribly bored. enterprise/economics module now. double yawn. lol. Past few weeks have been really horrible. broken laptops, broken friendships, yadda yadda yadda. so nonsensical. even got stranded at city hall mrt last week after the spidey 3 movie. i missed the last train home. and for last week, i was given a C grade for the whole week. bad luck huh. sigh. and now i’m still waiting for the pet shop to call me. i applied to work there. pay is good. but they want like, a chinese speaking person? wtf. so what if i can’t speak chinese? it’s not like, chinese ah mahs coming to the pet shop to buy raw fish right? -.-“

anyway i still hope they call me. i desprately need money to either buy a new laptop or repair the goddam screen which costs $1000. fuck -.-

k. i better stop blogging before my teacher catches me. peace out.


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