crap fishing

a whole day of pure fun.

had to wake up like, at 9am today cos i had to go crab fishing with ummar, intan and shipei! 😀 😀 reached bedok at around 11.30am and guess what? ummar came driving with his car to fetch me! OMG can cos i didnt know he can drive! i was squealing like mad lol. anyway we had breakfast and changi vilage.. you know, the nasi lemak. nth special about it.. and there’s like, a big hoohaa on how delicious the food is. lol. then we left for changi after that.

we reached changi broadwalk and dumped our stuff. 😀 i had to cut a darn fish into half. it was like bloooody. yuck. had to tie it to a raffia string too. it’s bait for the little crabs. ya so we set up our gear and put the net in the water. lol so thats how crab fishing works cos initially, i thought we had to squat at the shore and net for the crabs. lol. lucky ummar brought his psp. we blasted music all day long. 😀

we caught a crab and we’re like all excited. haha, we’re fishing virgins, what do you expect la ummar. i screamed like mad when my net caught a crab but it freaking fell back into the sea. T.T i was so pissed and ummar had to tell me to get over it, woman. lol -.-‘

in the middle of the day, cindy smsed me asking whether i wanted to go for dinner with derrick. i was like, OMG? HAHAHA. me, shipei and intan went to meet cindy around 6 plus. pity ummar couldnt join us cos his sis was asking him to go home to return the car. lol.

dinner was awesome. i had a big spread of food. 😀 japanese food, yay. we had tempura ice cream for dessert. o_o delicious. we then window shopped and cindy bought me a pink striped espirit socks. nice! i’ll post up pictures of today’s (wed) day tmr. chilled out at starbucks till 10.30pm and went home there after. awesome day.

ps. i got accepted to rp’s iradio as a dj! yay yay ayayayayayayness. 😀

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