outing 😀

i was forced by bryan to go out today! lol :p to queue for donuts and eat at sakae sushi. yum. haha had to wake up like at 9 plus coz they wanted to queue before the shop opens.. and lucky we did Q early coz the line was so long it started from here and went sooooooooooooooooo long. like the hello kitty times. lol

long queue!

some of the donuts bryan bought

advertisers of donutfactory =p (bryan, sien wei & me)

went to roam around funan then left to eat sakae sushi at harbour front coz funan’s outlet doesnt offer the offered price. the food is yummy but a bit not fresh. lol the whole day was fun! i laughed insanely when bryan posed weirdly -.-” i met new friends too, mainly aaron and sien wei.. if thats the correct spelling. lol. we ate till our stomachs burst. delicioussssss salmon sushi and the likes.

off to bowling after that! me and bryan wanted to play pool but sien wei wanted to play bowling so i guess she wins. lol. we played 3 games and was soo tired we went home lor! 😀

thanks alot bryan and aaron for paying my meal and game.. muacks muacks :D:D ^^


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