i was reading my archives and all of a sudden i start to miss secondary school. it’s almost 4 months since i studied and i really miss doing so! i miss doing physics.. sleeping during social studies.. being alert during geography and even the praises i get from mrs choong. haha! i also miss recess periods. everytime after me and prerna eat we’ll always stand outside our class and laugh uncontrollably.. lol. now i’m gonna start poly soon and i wonder if i can do the same? will i have a friend i can stick to and share our jokes and laughter? will i still do well in poly, doing a course which isn’t my choice? i’m thankful i even got a course tho because some of my friends ended up in ite. i was thinking of going to ite but, I DUNNO.. because i’ve spent 4 years in express stream, done o levels and go to a place where most people don’t even do o levels? no thanks man..

i keep telling myself to go pick up a sec sch book and read through but i never seem to -.- i’m sucha lazy ass.. all i do is rot infront of this computer.. ugh.. wanna go out also no money. lol. oh well. i’m kinda half-hearted about going to rp. i’m afraid that i might do well! arr! what to do.. and also, some of my ex-classmates are like, enjoying themselves and going out frequently.. lucky them because they have the means to do so.. = $$$. boring..

before school starts i also need to get a hair cut and redye my hair.. my hair is longer and the colour faded.. ugh my dad says my hair looks like a broom. lol :l

2 weeks more to my orientation and i’m gonna start life fresh, in a new environment with new people and new subjects. i don’t sound to happy, do i?

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