shopping + movies = best

shopping + movies = best

went to vivo to shop for pet supplies again!!! omg! i spent like $15 on my cat! i bought

# Scratch block
# Duo food bowl
# Cat collar with bell (ting ting ting wherever she moves! hehe)
# Small clear tank. So i can move my hamster to the pet day..

bought all these for 2 bux each at daiso. they sell nice pet stuff!! cheap!! i will buy when i have money.. *pray pray*

went to city hall after that to meet the guys.. zeen, her sis and mom, ummar.. kar liang was late.. as usual -.-

by the time we reached the movie theater, the show started! incase you are wondering what we watched, we watched porn! hah kidding.. we watched norbit! very hilarious movie, i rate 8/10! some scenes were very predictable.. still funny! lucky i didn’t buy popcorn .. if not no money to eat my brunner.. that is; breakfast+lunch+dinner!~ i slept at 9am so i didnt get to eat until 9.30pm. 24 hrs of no food! coz that night i didn’t eat also. diet! haha

ate at cavana. seriously, the food at NP is so much better.. i paid 5 bux plus for crappy food.. no choice coz other places closing. here’s the aftermath:

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nice plates, unfortunately your food sucks.

talked a while. topic of donuts came about. the donut factory! but it was late already so we figured the shop would be closed. 😦 we got ice cream instead. ironic how the biggest eater among us didn’t buy an ice cream! -sg snows-

lots of different flavours. i bought dark chocolate and it’s blardy sweet. $2.80 for a small cup. i prefer scoopz so much better. bah!

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sorry ah i got unstable hand. my pics always turn out blur dammit.

err we went to esplanade also. there was some lame band by the name of Citizens of Ice Cream ( I TOLD YOU THEYRE LAME) performing. their song sounded like some alien intergalactic clubbing.

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Citizens of Moronic Busthirds Ice Cream. Why not french fries?? or burgers!?!?!?


took this pic when i almost snored while they were performing. nice nice?
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went home and my mom gave me a bag of coins!! chocolate coins! ha! i want real money leh mummy.

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that was how i spent my tuesday lor.. i wanna go boon lay and see the pet shop there.. sudden addiction to pet shops and i need to find good and cheap food for dear cuddles. 😀


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