weekend recap!

weekend recap!

Had an okay weekend. I went to Temasek Poly’s open house on Friday and it’s quite interesting and thanks Shi Pei for accompanying me and NO THANKS to Prerna for ditching me to go ‘work’. So much for ‘Oh my mom won’t let me work and this job pays me $1.2k’. Damn you la..

Anyway, I’m very much interested in the new course offered at TP, namely the Veterinary Technology course. I know it’s gonna be dead difficult and stressful but I believe my strong passion for animals will make me persevere through out this course. The intake is kinda little so I hope I do well for my O levels~

I rushed for my job interview as an assistant pet groomer at Farrer Park.. I had no idea where the shop is and it’s like so far la! Managed to find it anyway. The place had like so many dogs! Omg all of them are so cute! There’s like 3 huskies, 1 golden retriever, and other dogs whose breeds I don’t really know.. all so loving. ^_^ Played with the dogs till 8 then I went home.. tiring.. x_x

OMG I HAD TO WAKE UP EARLY TO GO FOR THE NP OPEN HOUSE. Met Joyce then bla bla the day starts. Red campers had better privilege! There was a fun “what to do when we get our results” talk.. then a lucky draw~ I won
$10 worth of MPH book voucher and $6 dollars more.. haha. 😀 We then get to choose an ambassador to tour us around the campus! We grabbed Yi Song >:) muahaha.. k la thats basically how the day goes.. tried to do fun things at the booths, free ice cream (swensens), milo, candy floss, popcorn.. I’m filled to the brim! The canteen food there is awesome as well. I did a miniature landscape thingy, a colourful blob (think flubber), and also a engraved wooden keychain 🙂 Went home very exhausted.

I can’t wait for my results.. ><

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