schooling daze

schooling daze

I went into my school forum portal just a few minutes ago and I happen to read the old posts.. there’s like all sorts of topics here and there and those that has replies by the students of my batch, ie. last year’s batch. Being graduates of the school already, our class beside our names are removed and seeing the names of my classmates make me miss them and my school days.. especially sec 4. Albeit I don’t really talk to my classmates personally, I know them and they know me.. so yes, I really miss them! Haha!

I wish I can experience sec 4 again for A DAY. Not repeat la.. I wanna sit in my same class again, same table and being able to hear my classmates chit chat or the hyperactive worm-in-their-butts boys playing soccer in the class with camera surveillance. I miss after-recess session where me and my best friend stand outside of our classes and talk.. not to mention laugh like morons! Gosh..those were the days..

Happy days aside, there were also those that made me hate the class. Like, the time stupid Hsih Ing and his friends gang played soccer in class and got caught by the ever so eccentric Mrs Choong. They blamed me for telling her that they played soccer in class just because Mrs Choong talked to me about supplementary class. -_- Yeah so what if she favours me more.. that doesn’t mean I suck up to her! Haha that’s one of the incidents.. many more actually but I’m afraid they might find my blog and I might get killed by them (the evil ones) in my class..

Erh. I heard that O level results will be out on the 15th of Feb and that’s like FRIGGIN’ near. I’m scared. Period.

There’ll be more open houses this week and I’m kinda lazy to go la BUT TP HAS A VETERINARIAN COURSE OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Haha! That one I MUST see.

Here are the dates:

Ngee Ann Poly – 18-20 Jan. I’m going on the 20th. Red camp special.
Temasek Poly aka the damn far poly – 18-20 Jan also. I’m going on the 19th.
Nanyang Poly – 25-27th Jan.
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts – 25-27 Jan as well. 🙂

Oh, and Qiwia is giving me a kitten! Wooo..


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