randomness got the better of me

randomness got the better of me

HEY. It’s like 7mins to 5am and I’m blogging. Actually the computer was off and I tried to get some shut-eye but I just couldn’t sleep because somethings are bothering me. Some things referring to MY GOD DAMN O LEVEL results. I’m scareddddddd. 😦 I really really want need 10 points and below. I’m scareed for my maths and humans. *cry*

Even blog hopped just now. I happen to find one of my old ‘playground’ buddy. Haha! I saw her prelim results and it was good, compared to mine. I assume she’s in a JC now. Oh wells. :/

ANYWAY. I just want to share this video.. yes baby, it’s the 28th November 2006 Juying Symphonic Band concert at VCH called Piacere. LOL! This video is part of it, where we played High School Musical Soundtrack. Psst, I’m playing the bells. =D

I also tweaked my blog a little. There’s an expand/collapse function (workable only in Firefox, the best browser around) where you can click it and my other info will collapse. Cool right? I’ve also made my own link banner. Copy and paste to your blog template. If you want one, just tag me and I’ll gladly make one for you. You’ll have to link me though! =)


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