A day at the beach

A day at the beach

Went to East Coast Park today. Initially, I wanted to just go there to clear my mind, sit at the sand or breakwaters to just think.. in the end Intan (okok your name isn’t Nurin..:P) came along~ Haha, we still had fun, walking to one breakwater to another, writing HabboLitez.com in the sand and god knows what. x) Hehehe. After that we took a break at McDonalds. My Brunch. Pity Intan lost her wallet.. Hope she finds it soon! I was darn thirsty.. coke finished so fast. T.T Our tummies were filled up and we went to find seashells! I found an okay amount.. one was still alive when I pried it open at home. O_O Reminded me of the raw oyster at Sakura.. yummy.

Yep, so that was my day at the beach.. I wanna go again, but this time, with the gang! Hoho~

I think I’m officially…lovesick. LMAO.



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