Buffet at Sakura

Buffet @ sakura!

Yeay another entry. Today was a great day. I woke up to bake an apple pie for Intan. The stupid dough was messed up but luckily I managed to finish in time.

I got ready quite late and left the house.. lmao obviously late for the meeting at pasir ris mrt.. Haha. Was supposed to meet around 7.15pm but I reached at 7.45..Edward and Matthew was late too :S Found Aysh and her brother and Ummar. Had to wait for that duo >_>. Then the bus was like so freaking late.. haha..

YES WE ARRIVED AT SAKURA. The glorious place filled with food to satisfy you. luckily Intan booked so had space! Yeay! We sat down, looked at each other and Ummar just stood up and went to take food -.-” I took oysters first and some sushi.. the oysters tasted weird but better then mussels and cockles. Yummy, raw oysters! Haha. We ate continuously for the next 1.5 hours or so.. and we were bloated. Well, me at least.

Some of the stuff we ate:

Raw oysters
Baked oysters
All sorts of sushi
Raw Salmon and tuna
Ice cream

And lots of other things I’m lazy to list.. yea. While eating we took photos. I wonder guys don’t like to take pictures.. lol. Reason girls take lotsa pictures because the pictures serves as memory.. look at it and we can rmb the fun times we had. 😀

Ummar, Intan, Aysh, Edward, Matthew and Yusoff.. Great day today. :]

I went home taking the mrt with Edward and Matthew.. they lamed around to the extent I buay tahan. LOL. Anyway, I was sitting beside this Indian foreign worker (you know what I mean.) and he was sleeping. He kept moving and his arms purposely touch me. Like wtf la. So I moved to one side and a fat lady that squashed me sat beside me. She was also victimised but worst. That moron’s head brushed her arm and shoulder. She also fed up and left the seat. AHH EMPTY SEAT. That asshole jerked and jerked until he almost fell on me. Fuck la I also fed up I moved. LOL. You know what? The train arrived at Boon Lay and its the last train right, he was still sleeping. Everyone went out and the door closed and he was left inside! Hahaha sucker.

So yeah the end. LMAO.


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