New year


The new year has started and I believe this will be a better year. An awesome rainbow sighting was seen on the first day of 2007! Cool eh!

Anyway, school has started for most of the students (pri&sec).. unfortunately I don’t have a school to go to for the time being. Thanks to my sucky prelim results, I couldn’t go to MI.. DARN I COULD HAVE APPEALED! 22pts. Appeal and get 20 pts I could have gone to MI.. oh well, I can rot more now anyway. 😀

But seriously. I miss alot of things like:

  • Sitting at the parade square and reading
  • My classroom and MY CHAIR AND TABLE!
  • My lovely teachers. Love them lots.
  • RECESS TIME! I miss canteen food. (lol)
  • My lessons. Used to despise them but now.. I miss it lah!
  • Going home after a long day at school. The feeling is like, YEAH! xD

    I really hope I can do very well for my O levels. O moter luna, bless me! 😀

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