hand analysis

interesting day out

lol today (15/12/06), i went out with karl. lol quite fun! 😀 went for a hand analysis talk at Whatever. that’s the name of the place. heh. i didnt know outram park mrt station was like so big. i was like at one end of the place and karl was like the other end. -_- with the help of directions written on a piece of paper (LOL), he managed to find me! yeay! 2nd problem. we have no clue to where the place is. i thought karl knew!

ok so we followed our ‘spiritual’ feeling to guide us to the place. we then reached like a, crossroad and we had to choose which direction to go. straight, left or right. i followed my intuition and with a small help from the 7-11 lady, we reached the place. very coincidental huh?

the attendance was quite reasonable and soon the session begun. quite interesting if you ask me because you can tell alot of things from your hand. from your nails to your knuckles and such. pity the talk was only for an hour. the real hand analysis consultation costs $55 for 1/2 hrs and $110 for 1hr. hefty sum but i wanna go next time when i manage to find a job and get my pay. :]

after the talk we went to eat. the whole place looks shabby and run down but no choice. ate at a coffeeshop. the food was nice.. hmm yea then me and karl started taking pictures and stuff. lol very funny la. we began talking and like, gossiping? dunno, but karl is very entertaining and animated when he talks. XD we talked abt gays in his school and god knows what la. from 9pm all the way to 11pm. cool eh.
went home after that. thank god i manage to catch the last bus if not i gotta walk home. hoho.

tmr im going out again, yayness. gonna get a hamster from elean and then go for the free vocal class at novena with nurin. woot.

ps: for photos, please proceed to kar liang’s blog.


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