RED Camp!

RED Camp!

yeay i’m back from red camp! really cool experience! :> met lotsa people from many different schools and i even met some of my primary school classmates! coolio!! GREEN TEAM ROCKS! Woohoo 😀

day 1

omg! i was so excited i couldn’t sleep until 3am. LOL. woke up at about 6.30am and showered and stuff. wow to get to ngee ann takes me about 1 hr.. @_@

okay once i was there, i was quite alone coz none of my other classmates went with me. met some jyians there tho.i sat alone at first they the SLs made me sit beside Chiew Peng and behind June who eventually became my friends. the SLs are great also. not to mention the large number of cute guys there! timo, bryan, zaid, the 2 adams to name a few and joyce and eugunie, the pretty girls. :>

there was the event opening.. lucky draw and stuffs. mastermind and boggle could be won! plus access pass to celine jesseandra school of performing arts! hoho i didn’t win anything but the funny part was, zaid the emcee called boggle, bogel, which means naked in malay. LOL.

there was a BA talk after that. Business Accountantcy looks ok.. but i’m not really interested in it. and to get in the tourism course, you need 9 pts.. woah. lunch was after this BA talk.. cheap ver of mcD..LOL.

had the cluster program after that and guess what? my team got to go to the school of film and media studies! we’re speaking mass communication here ok!! WOOHOO. our ambassador was a cute ang moh guy. hee hee. NP got alot of shuai ge and cute guys.. :> he brought us around the building and soon to the dj studio.. radio heatwave. i got the chance to sit down and talk at the studio like a REAL dj!! how cool is that sia!!! so fun but i was nervous. imagine 15 people watching you dj.. lol

yea then we toured around the place.. film sound and video studies.. interesting course too.. haha. went back to the convention hall and they talked about tmr.. had dinner which was a wide spread of food.. buffet yummy. cca Xperience was after that.. yea! went home around 7 plus.. the NRA dancers are weak.. Juying’s dancers are better..

went to JE to buy a shirt and elbow socks. wee.

day 2

day 2 was wild with much more fun. the same lucky draw in the morning and off we went to tour the other schools! went to the school of engineering! okok lar, not that interested in engineering. i got to see aeroplanes and the cockpit.. yea hurhur. they gave us styrofoam airplanes as souvenirs.. LOL. there was also a competition, to make the most creative photoframe. my grp didn’t win even tho i KNOW we are creative. please la the other grps made typical sq stuff and heart shape.. mine was a hot air balloon ok! nabei.. nvm. we got blinking LED lights as souvenir too. xD

lunch was after that. KFC today. cheap ver also. hoho. then off to the school of ICT we go! (that’s zeen’s school!) school of infocomm and technology. quite good also. there was a presentation and stuff.. i met zeen too. hee hee.then got a question trail.. go places to places to find the answers.. in the end also nvr do anything to it -.-” i like the diploma of multimedia and animation.. i might consider that..

after a long day of walking we went back to the convention center! we were then taught how poly admissions are carried out and stuffs. dinner was after that. we had yoshinoya!! jap food oh! DELICIOUS! :>

the best thing was next. JAM & HOP! put jam on bread and hop! LOL no la, it’s like a gig! there was bands playing and even ronin came! I got levan’s autograph and i even took a pic with him! coolness. we all jumped and scream to the music! lol! first time sia.. i took loads of pic but i haven’t developed them yet.. soon i will. patience my dear. anyways. towards the last part of the event was like WOAH. clubbing! there was DJs on the stage spinning music for us and we all danced the night away. i’ve no idea how these 16/17 year olds can dance like they are clubbing!! i was like so mortified. everyone was like bumping and grinding.. so indecent.. i just sat one corner and watched after a poor attempt to dance.. got tired so i went home! reached home like about 12mn. yikes!

day 3

day 3 wasn’t so bad. i couldn’t wake up! i was so dog tired i almost overslept. i slept in the bus and mrt standing up. lmao. reached the convention center and slept a while. that’s how tired i was.

yes, the lucky draw again. i was hoping i win smth but no.. aww shucks la. then we continued to the last school.. school of life sciences i think. i was so excited! i love science. :>

first stop, nursing! i learn lotsa things like different heart beats and sounds of our intestinal movements. quite nauseating. the heart beat of a pneumonic person is very sickening.. yeek, after that station we went to how to wash a baby station. LOL . it was.. lame? just how to hold the baby and wash it. how to carry nicely.. the person in charge quite mean sia say my arm very big then the baby will be comfy.. nb -.-

next pit stop! transferring patients! learnt how to transfer patients from their wheelchair to their beds. they carried me.. hahaha amazing feat. i’m heavy. haha. then the blood pressure section.. check our blood pressure.. high or low.. mines normal, thank goodness. yeah then we tour another place.. blood donation drive.. im of legal age to donate blood already.. hoho. then there was a mini market where they sell things.. duh.. lol some dudes tried to sell a mini first aid kit to us. WHY WOULD I WANT TO BUY A FIRST AID KIT? aiyoh!!11ONEONE!1!

ha! lunch time. buffet also but the food wasn’t really nice but still edible. OFF WE GATHERED TO THE LT! lecture theater. hoho! we all cheered and stuff.. then we had to leave the room to go to another LT.. but before that, we were treated to a dance by adam and bryan! LMAO!! adam was like so seducing bryan ok.. bryan was supposedly the pole. rofl. then adam like, grinded bryan and lap danced him. HAHAHHA I TOOK PICTURES. how to show u guys? xD it’s film. -_- we were all laughing like mad! they are straight ok.. straight gays

ohoh! it’s the finale at LT 22! there was a skit carried out by the SLs and it was oh so hilarious! it was like about a baby..(terrance i think) he was dressed in cloth which covered his bottom only.. and singlet. LOL. plus a bottle which he carried around.. lmao!
then one of the SL dressed like a girl with fake boobs and stuff.. plus papercard board sperm and crap. LOL SUPER M18 lah!!

the sad-ish part starts.. a video of the whole camp.. aww.. the whole camp was fun la.. i only won a pass to some vocal class which i’ll be going with karl i think.. hmm.. yea. chiew peng won the most interesting person! congrats.. but i wish i won smth better tho.. hurhur.

so THAT’s RED camp @ ngee ann poly for you guys.. very fun and exciting! check out each team’s video on just search red camp ngee ann.. :>

tmr im gonna go to JP and bugis to look for a job.. i need $$ to live!

does anyone wanna go out on wed? :>


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