Heheh hair cut!

Hoho! A new hair cut..

I finally got my hair cut. Lol. Expensive.. $17 for a pathetic hair cut.. the hairdresser cut my fringe wrongly and now my hair is kinda messed up. Yikes! Sheesh. First the bloody hair dye, now the hair cut. What’s next? I get an afro hair? -.-

Nevermind. I hope Aysh remembers to tell her friend who needed a highlight model.. I wanna highlight my hair.. muahahha… zzz. Anyway, I’ve been spending quite alot.. or so I think but yea, more than what I used to spend.. busting more moolah next week when I go to VivoCity.. I wanna get a pair of roller blades.. maybe elbow socks.. they’re very cute! LOL. =x


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