Hair dye

Hair dye

I dyed my hair like 2 nights ago and guess what? THE COLOUR DIDN’T SHOW!! Sheesh.. I wasted my money.. on the stupid hair dye! ahh! My hair looks perfectly black but under sunlight/light, there’s a tint of red.. hmm.. I think I shall re-dye after I work and get my pay.. >:)

Anyways, it’s been a while since O’s are over.. eh no.. not even one week -_- I’m kinda bored at home.. This week there was a full week of band practice but I only came on Friday.. hoho. The concert’s next week! AMGZ! So fast.. at Victoria Concert Hall.. $10 per tix 🙂 Who wants to come?

So.. next week will be fun I hope! Lotsa things to doooo!

Mon – Band Practice till 5pm
Wed-Fri – Chalet at downtown east
Sat&sun – dunno leh. lol

I wanna cut my hair tmr!


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