And he came

Haha. Had a nice time today I guess. Went out, initially wanted to eat ice cream but we all ended up eating at some posh restaurant.. hoho. I had steak with fries. Nice. Heh. After that went to eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. YUM I tell you.

Anyhoos, he came back today for what reason I don’t know.. Seeing him again made me feel so queasy.. It’s been so long and he just came back like that. Haiz.. I really missed him ever since the day we stopped communicating with each other. I wonder why fate is so cruel to separate us..

He’s the only one I really had that kind of feelings with.. being with him for almost a year is kinda of an amazing feat for me, given the fact that I haven’t had any close relationships as such before. Sigh.. he even said he’ll miss me just now.. well, I just want you to know that I miss you very much as well..

You’ve been an awesome friend and a partner. One of a kind… I’ll always remember you..

You were one of a kind,
A person so rare and so fine,
Never thought I’d meet someone like you,
Soon enough I finally do..

Great experiences we spend together,
Always hoping we’d last forever.
Somehow someway a tragedy happened,
We went our separate ways, memories shredded…


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