Chapter Four

When Sally arrived at the cafe, Damien was already there waiting for her. He stood up and cupped her face, giving her a peck on her cheek. Sally blushed. They sat down and ordered from the menu.

After ordering, Sally stared at the table, oblivious to her surroundings.

“Damien.. about yesterday..”, she began. “I..was thinking..”
“I was thinking.. that I’d.. like to be with you.”

A smile appeared on Damien’s face. He was exuberant and so was Sally. He hugged her lovingly and smiled, before sitting again and started to eat their lunch which just arrived. Sally was still shy knowing that she has a boyfriend now, but she felt glad that she told him. They finished their lunch and left the place, holding hands.

Chapter Five

Ever since the day Sally and Damien got together, they were inseparable. They were seen together everywhere they went. To school, events, parties, everywhere. Sometimes, they were even spotted together at some places, cuddling and loving each other. The bond between both of them was so tight that nothing could tear them apart. Sally loved Damien so much that she’ll sacrifice anything for him and vice versa.

To be continued…


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