The Novel

What if it didn’t happen?

A story that happened circa October 2005…

Chapter One

Sally* was just a regular girl who loved doing many different things. Meeting new people, having fun, being happy, everything. One normal evening, she was chilling at her friend’s room, entertaining everyone while enjoying herself.

Typical you might say. Well, it was. A game of truth or dare was going on and a guy called Damien* joined in the fun. Sally was delighted to see a new person in the room, but never did she know that this dude would be someone who would change her life.

Everything was going fine. Laughters erupt and everyone was smiling. Damien started talking as well, soon joking around with the people. He was dared to kiss everyone playing the game, even Sally. She giggled upon his smooth and delicate kiss, somehow yearning more..

In Sally’s thoughts, Damien was a humourous guy, humble as well. She began to get infactuated with him. Ironically, so was Damien. The day ended and he managed to get Sally’s contacts before leaving the place. Sally was elated and she went home with a smile as bright as the sun on her face.

Chapter Two

Sally arrived home and soon enough, she received a message from Damien on her handphone. For the next few days, they began going out and hanging out together and the days turned to weeks. It was a Thursday night and the duo were at a friend’s party, dancing, when suddenly Damien enveloped Sally and whispered to her…”will you be mine?”

Sally was surprised, too nonplussed to speak. She couldn’t decide. In her mind she was thinking, ‘should I, or not?’ Not knowing what to say, she picked up her bag and rushed out of the house and ran home.

Chapter Three

Upon reaching home, Sally went up to her room and slammed her door. She climbed on her bed and started thinking. “Should I or not? He’s such a nice guy and I really like him.. but, I just don’t know if I’m ready for a relationship.. Oh dear..”

Sally kept thinking and debating herself about Damien but drowsiness washed over her and she soon fell asleep.

The next day arrived and Sally woke up feeling confident. She reassured herself that everything will go alright before getting ready to meet Damien. She promised to meet him at their favourite cafe at noon that day before going to shop for her new school supplies. After getting dressed, she brought her favourite hoodie along and left the house.

*names changed to protect identity.

Hahaha will continue tomorrow. =) Some of you guys will know what I’m talking about.. if you don’t, stay that way.


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