oh my god.

holidays have started, yay.

but, it’s gonna be one full week of studying.
i need my A1s and A2s.
i’m scared. very.
i don’t know.

i happen to find one of my classmate’s blog just know. well, i just learnt that she’s totally a different person in school and outside. i didn’t have a clue that she smokes. oh well.

it’s just weird and scary. these people are not who you think they are. in school they are like all hardworking and yet, when they’re out, it’s like they have totally transformed. putting on thick eyeliner and truckloads of make up, wearing skimpy clothes that don’t look good on them. it’s weird to me. i don’t know why teenagers to this. to act cool or what? to be accepted?

is it normal, for these teens to be like that or am i a weird outcast? i don’t like to follow trends. i don’t like to wear make up. i don’t like to dress the way others dress. i don’t like wasting my time hanging out somewhere doing useless stuff. no!

i’m just confuzzled. why is it, teens are like this? i’m totally different in many ways compared to them. jeez i don’t know how to express this doubt i have. things are just plain weird.

is it because we’re not matured yet? or we pressurised by everyone else? be it the media? or just the society? i observe the people in my school, and i see things that just makes me question myself.

there are girls who totally shave off their eyebrows or just made them pencil lead thin. what the hell?
there are girls who wear those halter bras. what? to show off ur non-existant boobs?
then there are those who wear eyeliners to school. for what?
also, those who make their skirts so short, to show their scar filled legs. you girls think doing that makes you sexy? eew.
not forgetting those wannabe ah lians who swear non stop, carrying mickey mouse merchandise with their hair rebonded multiple times.

how bout the guys eh?
there are wannabe ah bengs. get a life plox.
also those who think they’re so cool, making weird noises and laugh at non hilarious subjects. eew.

i’m not stereotyping people, but thats what i often see, and really, others are like that too. but then again, not all are like what i said. it’s just these behaviours that just makes me wonder, why do they do that for?

i’m just curious.


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