i’m hungry.

LOL yesterday was fun. went to fangfang’s house lol. was unexpected because i didn’t want to go anywhere. i received an sms from ym in the morning to go for the towkay thingy so i went lor, because my school participated also. their stalls was side by side.. lol coincidental. so yea after the whole thing ended i followed ym to meet fang. went to eat lunch first and oh boy, the duck rice at BP IS SO BLOODY NICE!! so yummy man!!!
bought 2 packets of orange soda LOL then followed fang to buy her snacks. we headed off to her house. 😀

ok at there i tell you, her house is so neat! her mom is like so sweeeeeeeet! lol fang’s room super neat sial, i see also i lose face man. my room is like a pig sty. yea so anyways she switched her computer on and it’s time to play habbo LOL..

urgh we did lots of things lah but i’m to lazy to type. muahaha.

in school today was fine, mrs hon didn’t come so we had a free period. jeez today i was so darn sleepy and tired! haha. bla bla normal lessons and then… last period, POA! mr singh is lame as usual muhahah =P

class ended at 2.15pm then we went for a break. had POA remedial after that, at 2.30pm. yawn! until 4.40pm god save me. but it was ok lar, laugh here and there, talk nonsense, tease jie hui and stuff like that. yeah school ended and so i went home and check litez and type this goddam blog. tmr is another school day.. eeks it better be fun!

my homework today:

  • malay compre + sentence creating
  • geography (agriculture)
  • fnn shite coursework
  • i cant remember.. oh yes.. physics..

    tough life man.

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