okay i did went to study today but it wasn’t really what i imagined it to be. i couldn’t find a nice place to sit and lo and behold tiong meng, andrew and gang was there. me and meng ting went to the childrens area but still no seats. had no choice but to sit infront of the bloody hell noisy cafe. so. i didn’t finish my geography but wahey i did my notes on sounds. didn’t even touch on the other homework, lol. so i just borrowed my fave book for now – daughters of the moon by lynne ewing. gotta read that, it’s cool. 🙂

went to mcD to accompany meng ting to get her burger and apple pie. i didn’t have any cash left to buy food so i just drooled at the sight of food. oh yea. walked to the bus stop and like wtf, there’s so many banglas around. i’m not trying to be racist but there’s like a whole load of them there. freaky.

yayaya reached home, logged on to habbo and checked litez. habbo is such a lame piece of shit that’s invented so i couldn’t really be bothered. and the elitez are getting lazy to help, i asked for a small favour and oh well, no replies. moo.

i’m still supposed to do my coursework but i’m like really not in the mood. fine sue me. i’mma do it tmr.. i hope.
ok so where was i? i was checking friendster which lead me into checking other ppl’s blog.. i dropped by aly’s blog then a whole load of others.. even the band seniors.. man they’ve changed. :S

okay i’m gonna stone and stare at the ceiling soon, so have fun shaving goats yea.


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