the ol’ dusty blog

It’s been a while since I checked my blog.. ever since school started I’ve been so freaking busy.. anyways, I’ve got like, prelims in 2 weeks time!!! X_x I also had my MT results already.. a B4! I needed a B3.. Oh wellus.. There’s like, basically no time for anything. Busy busy me.

Changed blog skin.. nothing else was nice -_-

Had science practical today. Was fun but I’m a little scared I screwed up some parts. Hah. I also went to the K-BOX at JE today. Dammit it’s freaking expensive! One SMALL MINUTE bowl of cheap tidbits costed 5bux. YES 5 DOLLARS FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Gah! The songs they had SUCK as well.. wtf.. never ever go to the k-box at Jurong East Entertainment Center.. Loserville much.

Other than that.. school’s normal.. life’s normal.. oh yea.. that dude whose name starts with a ‘J’.. has finally ditched me.. hoorah.. I knew something was gonna happen.. it was great while it lasted anyway.. haiyz.
SO! What now huh. I dunno man. I think I suck at relationships. wahaha.

Hmm. What would you do if you like someone in your class? *shrugs*


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