School Againn!

Hoho. Today was the day school reopened. The day students moan and cry. The day students regret not using their holidays for studying. The day students slouch to school, all sleepy and tired. lol.

Anyhoos, had a few surprises in school today. The school built a mini rock wall, a confidence rope and one more I didn`t manage to see. That’s not all! The school is in the process of building a mini theater (so cool!) and a ‘lan-student-center where by us students can use the area to chill and rot, as well as BORROW LAPTOPS AND USE THE WIRELESS NOT TO MENTION FREE INTERNET!!! YAY! But. I’m sure most of the students will just spoil the laptop and I’m very sure that problems are bound to arise. But still. Free internet! lol.

We also had a LOOOOOONG talk from Mr Harris aka our principal. God he makes time go by so slowly and everyone oh so sleepy! Then again, his talks are alright, he just wants us to wake up.. we didn’t do well for exams you know.

Blablabla normal time table and stuff. Mr Lian said he will go through the 8 sets of maths paper after he teaches us the last topic. Jeez I shouldn’t have hurry them all. -.- I still have 2 more to go.. Sad to say I’ve got my coursework to finish by today! Have to print and hand in. ~_~ Hah.

English lesson today. We had oral practice. I love to read out loud but I tend to screw up infron of the teachers. So paiseh. -_- Mrs Choong.. is just so.. weird..

Oh well. Was supposed to go JP with Dan Yao to accompany her to buy a bag. I wanted to get sushi! In the end I didn’t go!!! I went to buy this ice cream that looks really inviting but it tastedreally horribleee! Warning: Never eat local ice cream.. its totally g-r-o-s-s! Eewww!

First day of school reopening.. we’re given homework already! T_T It’s weird you know.. Singapore really stresses the students.. we’re given so much hwk to do, one mth of holidays ONLY, and long school hours. YET we need foreign talents, lets say from the UK or Europe. The education system there is even more laid back, 2mths of holidays WITHOUT hwk! SEE WITHOUT HWK THEY ARE MORE TALENTED AND BETTER! I just don’t understand Sg’s system. Zzz MOE!


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