Hey :)

Hi to the people who bothers to read my blog! 🙂
Past few days haven’t been fun.. I’ve got homework to do, room to clean up.. believe me my worksheets are everywhere! I still have to iron my uniform! BLEAH! Oh wells.

I’m chatting on the DJ Panel with Bas, Weiqi and TS who apparently went to cook his lunch. Haaha. I really have nothing to write about! Yawn.. To add on to my depressing mood, school is reopening in 2 days. Guess you guys don’t need the reminder eh? I’ve got like a bunch of maths paper to do.. Dang I think I`m not finishing them all.. I bet my teacher won’t even mark it! “It’s just for revision” they say. Oh my foot.

I totally wasted this June holidays again, as usual every year. Oh what the heck. I need some serious motivation that can help me!! I can’t go on like this.. I’ll flunk my.. errrmmm exams! NOo! Jeez.

Urgh I think I’ll blog again later. Adios.


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