Fun! :D

Hello again 😀
The past 2 days have been kinda fun, lol. It was Father’s day on Sunday, so I went to pay my dad a visit! I got him a Parker pen 😀 I wanted to go Jp on that day but then the bank was closed so oh well -.-” I rotted at my dad’s place. Rotted till 8+, i think. By then I was so lazy to go home I decided to sleep there! Hahah. It’s nice having more people around. Me, my dad, my step mom and baby sister we so bored, we decided to play BORED games! Haha kidding! =) We played scrabble! My dad pronunced it as “scramble” lol. Yeah, we played.. it’s fun! Played till there wasn’t any more letters in the bag.. in the end I got 2nd place, muahaha. Watched TV.. rot.. couldn’t sleep till 4am! So what did I do? Me and my dad cooked butter fried rice and fried fish at 2am, LOL! After eating, we played scrabble again! This time I was sleepy, so I didn’t put much efffort to played. Oh wells. Woke up at 9am today and went home, preparing for today’s fun outing!

Met Aysh, Intan and Danny at Pasir Ris MRT station. We’re supposed to go to downtown east for a buffet! yeah so we went there to meet GI. Unknowingly Mayi came along too, haha. We couldn’t go to Sakura buffet to eat because Mayi had to go soon and was on budget, haha.

We stood there, staring at each other, in the end deciding to go eat at the foodcourt there. Alas, only Mayi ate, lol. Intan sent me a Groove Coverage song via Bluetooth! Yay a new ringtone for me! =D We rotted there, chatting and stuff. Then I think we went around downtown east, *shrugs*. Intan bought a cola at the 7-11 I think. -_-” It tastes like regular coke lor! Then we roam again.. LOL oh ya, there was this indoor kid playground, and there’s an area where you play with alot of balls in a pool. So I was watching them play then suddenly this ang mo kid throw the ball at my face!!!! KNN LOL!! WHY AIM ME!! T_T Damn paiseh!

We walked back to Pasir Ris MRT.. mannn thats like at the east of singapore and I’m like from the west! Westerner! =P One hour ride from boon lay! x.x Haha so from “paris” we took mrt to Tampines.. go to the Mall there! Went to eat at seoul garden! I think it’s good also la, because it’s way cheaper! Heheh! Had fun eating there.. ate till we all almost explode! Haah. Now I’m hungry.. -_- We ate coffee flavoured meat! =S We also had coke float and ice kachang wheeeeee!! Oh ya forgot to mention that we met Ariane and Elaine at Pasir Ris mrt. =)

After we ate, we roamed around Tampines Mall.. It was so boring so we went to Century Square! Roamed there like morons lol. Actually we went there to see the toilet!! IT WAS SO COOL! =X There was a sofa in the toilet, complete with personal chairs and mirrors! Sweet!

We went back to Tampines Mall after that! LOL! At there we took neoprints!!!! SO FUN!! HAHAH! We had so many different poses! Decorating the pics was very fun! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! We deco-ed Sugi’s pic with a fake doll hair and FAT LIPS LMAO! HAHAH!! We were laughing like maniacs because of that! Then we went to arcade.. bust money there again. Played the Table Hockey.. so fun! xD I cheated man.. I covered the hole while Intan hit the disc! Hahaha >:)!

At about 6, Intan and Elaine had to go off le. =( Then Sugi also kpo go home. -.-! Left me, Danny, Aysh and Ariane. We played the hockey again! Haha. After that we roamed.. So sian so I went to buy Strawberry Milkshake at McD’s! Yummy! Wen to slack at Long John Silvers. That’s where the fun began!

We we’re talking about everything under the sun, causing us to bellow with laughter as if there is no tomorrow. Then I took out the neoprints, noticing Sugi’s picture made everyone laugh madly!! We we’re laughing at the picture for like an hour or so? Lol. And thanks Aysh for buying the fries! Yummy~

We all went home after that.. A looong ride home, one hour to be exact. Was so damn sleepy! Reached Boon Lay, took the bus and here I am, typing this out! Overall I had lotsa fun today, and all that depression was wiped out. =) It’s okay Mayi, next time we go eat Sakura.. hurhur! I should do this more often.. why should I just sit at home, concerning about something that isn’t even important yet affecting me? I WON’T CARE ANYMORE! =D Sad to say, I have major exams coming, pitiful lor. T_______T


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