Bye Mrs Surin?

Hie all =D
Went to Mrs Surin’s house today. She’s my Home Ec teacher, sadly leaving the school this year.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Because of that, we made a party, more like tea party, lol. Met Peipei in the bus, going to JP to meet Meng Ting and Ain. Waited for Jie Hui at NTUC but she never appeared. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ We waited.. till we were hungry lol so me and Meng Ting bought sushi! =D Still hungry after that, haaha so we went to buy chicken pie! Yummy! Ate and waited. We decided to pang seh Jie Hui because she’s always late. Sheesh.
In the end we met her at the MRT with the four other beeeches, lol. Set of for yew tee. There, we had no idea on how to go to Mrs Surin’s house! Almost got lost, lol. Heck, we reached her house safe and sound! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Her house is very nice.. her baby is cute too, but my Lidya is cuter! Lidya’s my sister, lol. Don’t get the wrong idea. So we toured Mrs Surin’s house.. saw her wedding photos.. gosh she was so pretty! She looked like Mariah Carey, HAHAHA :X
Yeah then she served us drinks and food! ^^ Curry with puttu mayam and vadai! We had froot punch for drinks! Later on we had ice cream with froot cocktail! Slurp! Then we had CHOCOLATE CAKE YEAH!! It’s yummy!!! Ya then photo taking! The girls were mad.. the stood on her sofa! I’m like.. gosh.. no respect for other people’s property -_- Bitches are dumb anyway so yup. Took lotsa photos, haha. Played with her baby, so cute.. Yea we rotted, watching tv. Soon we had to leave =( Mrs Surin sent us down.. then had a hugging session =(( I cried OKAY! T_T So sad to see her leave Juying.. she’s the best Home Ec teacher! Sadz.. Si xian also cried lol..
OKay so we went to Yew Tee Shopping center to see around. Got nothing. So we went to Lot 1. Wasted my 45 cents to go there -.- One stop only sia. Haha cheapskate. At there we window shopped, what else? I got no money lol zzzzzzzzzz. Si xian went to search for hair accessories.. Haah we stopped by every shop LOL. At the perfume shop we tried and tested everything ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then rotted at Aries, the hair accessories shop. I tried this cute funny headband that has things popping out. Okay, lol. Meng Ting bought a Mr Bean doll, yes that brown bear, lol. HAAH we were all so tired then we went home!
At Boon Lay interchange.. there was this aunty who sold packet foods.. very nice =D I bought Hokkien Mee and Nasi Lemak! Yums! Haah. Not supposed to eat but hey… I’m hungry =P Went home, took 242 with MT and P2. Met some people along the way. Met Florentina and Nurul’s dad. Hoho.
At home, logged on msn and habbo. i got many new songs ^^ Must DJ again one day.. I slacked alot :S!! STill got school tmr.. Maths and Geog with Mr Lian.. HAHA THAT REMINDS ME!! Mr Lian and Miss Christina NG are dating.. so cute sia.. both fierce disciplinary teachers. What a match! lol… Like Suhaimi and Meng Ting.. interesting couples =)
Alright I’ll end here.. don’t wanna bore you any further. Please tag! T_T You all tag at dd’s blog but never tag mine.. so sad.. boo..

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