ECP Outingg~

Hieeeee guys!! x)

Yesterday’s outing at ECP was so fun!! Here’s what happened, I’ll tell you from a-z! :D:D

I rushed home after my remedial. Went online, chat with TS where to meet. Then I changed. Then I..
Hahaha ok that’s too detailed le.

Met TS at Jurong Point. Took MRT to JE meet RF. Then go to payar lebar.
We pang seh CM because we thought he late. lol.
Reached PL saw that Justin, Cm, Ysl and Shubby there liao!
Justin uber cute wor! With his new specs! :D~ I wanna drop fainted le when see him LOL. Lol Ysl super blur. Ok then we took bus to parkway. Met Soul and Cray. Cray very cute! Soul is the sporty kind lol.
Walked to ECP. The guys sibei childish!!!!!! I couldn’t tahan. -.-”

Yea we reach there meet GI at the macdonalds. Poor GI wait for us so long. Haha. Then we sit there and rot. I ask them wanna do what but they dunno. So we go in the bowling alley to cool down, there got air con! 😀
There they were even more childish sia. Jeez. Ask they all wanna do what, no one respond. They just said “anything.”

I was so pissed so I just left, asking those who wanna cycle come with me. GI and soul came along. Left the others there. Persuaded cray to come too 😀 Yeah. Me and soul roller bladed. GI and cray cycled, ahah.
So fun.. I got tired fast LOL! Never eat mah. =P Then we rested a while. Soul tried to kill me! She gave me this super spicy candy that almost made me cry! So spicy! Hoho. Sit there chit-chat, dreamze called to sabo GI.
I on speaker so GI could hear. SO FUNNY! dreamze was telling me to dump GI in the water and GI could hear LOL!! Hahaha then we went back to met them at Macs.

Apparently the guys went to arcade. So lame. Pfft!
At macs we all sit and talk lor. In the end we continue to cycle + roller blade. The guys went to cycle too. I didn’t really bother with them. :l Poor RF had to be left with dreamze again! >.<

After our time is up, gather at macs again. Justin, CM and TS ate macs lol. I stole one of cm’s curly fries xD. Me soul and cray chit chat.. wait for them. In the end, soul, cray and GI went home. Justin me cm and TS continue to cycle.. I took ysl’s bike wahahah. Justin cycle so fast lor! I was behind ts but then over take him! 😀
After out time is up, we return the bike then gather AGAIN at macs. I didnt want to go home. Hur.

We go arcade. Justin and TS play as if never play before -.-”
dreamze dance para para so pro wor!! I was like O_O!
Then we go home le lor. RF and Shubby went to eat at Bedok interchange. Hur.
Then go home, for real. lol. In the MRT AGAIN THEY ALL SO CHILDISH!
Take photo. Lol. Blur photos. I couldn’t get Justin’s pic.
He keep running away hahaha.
They went off at JE . I stayed with TS to boon lay. I went to buy food. LOL.
I see the line for bus 242 was soo long. So me and TS decided to walk home.
I reached home sweating like mad and super tired. Came online a while then koon le.

That’s what happened yesterday! 😀 Now have to chiong the judging of Mic Idol and my hwk.


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