Oopsie daisy

Heh. Nothing much happened today..
It rained in the morning! Comfyy!
Had remedial at 3pm. Chem.
We did practicals again!
So fun! But my experiment backfired LOL.
Had the ‘suck-back’ effect. 4 times in a row!
Must redo and redo -.-!
After that I went for band practice..
Horrible. Don’t ask! Bleah.
Heh. Went home and rot, what else LOL!
Ok… 2 days ago was the 8th!
8th Was the day Justin and me got together, hehe.
From october till now.. wooh 8 months.. šŸ˜›
8 months and going.. šŸ˜€

Ok don’t say anymore le.. later you all puke!
Muahaha. Cya’ll tomoro.. or later. =)

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