Hi people who bothered to read my post!
Sorry I haven’t blogged.
Too lazy. No mood also. 😦
Anyway, swimming on monday was fun!
We played badminton too. Now I’m aching all over!
x.x Pain arr.. Haha
I still have to pay $6.90 for the BBQ. Crap!!!
Later I have to go babysit my sister.. until 4pm.. No habbo!
Have to buy ingredients for practical tomoro.. -_-
Forgot to ask for money from mom.
What if wanna buy later then all no more!! Wahh..
Must chiong.. lol. Darn I haven’t do my project also..
Bleah. Yesterday was a very depressing day.
You-Know-Who wants to quit.
Can’t you think of what happen when you do?
Why such a decision?
How bout your friends? Me?
Don’t tell me everythings gonna break just because you quit?
What can I say..
I know things aren’t going well alright.
You are hiding something..
Can we just open up and clear ourselves?
No more misunderstandings..
I don’t want to leave you, you know.
Why can’t you just talk to me?
Oh well..
You barely say hi to me now,
You barely talk to me as well.
Your smses are decreasing.
Something is going on.
But why affect us? 😦

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