Too le loo~

Hi humble people who reads my blog! *bows*
It’s 1.20pm and I’ve just returned home from school! Funny things happened today. Well, some were. The serious thing was that, Mr Singh is teaching us again! NOOOOO.. THE HORROR!! He’s a pathetically lame joker and his temper is really weird, like unsuspected menses. oops.

He can be really angry at one moment and jokey dokey i’m a dorky the next. Anyhoos, we have to be serious about our exams and class now. :/ And I’ve been assigned to be team leader for the subject, plus the 7 other students who passed. GREAT! How great! Not.

Hah what can I say really. Oh yea, today during chemistry lesson we had to do practicals! THAT MEANS EXPERIMENTS!! I love them! Yea yea, we did 4 today. Quiet fun because I’m the one doing it. Haaaa. Ok, Redzuan the dork was sitting beside me and his gay-stuck-in-the-world-of-naruto friend was beside him. They were doing the experiment and playing a fool as well. In the middle of the experiment, the ‘suck back’ effect happened during the reaction of gases. The pressure sucked the water into the test tube, causing it to explode! crack! The test tube broke! HE BROKE TWO OF THEM AND IT COSTS 40 CENTS EACH! lol. He added some other chemical and there was smoke coming out of the beaker now. How cool is that?

We had to complete the whole thing before we could go home. :/ Oh I almost forgot, if you like the background music for my blog, here you go, happy downloading!



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