Kids.. immature buncha people!

Ok, I seriously don’t know whats happening. Primary 5 students are having boyfriends/girlfriends, they swear, and they are manical!! Omg WHAT IS THE WORLD BECOMING! Jeez. I was so purely innocent when I was primary 5! I go to school and I go home from school. I don’t swear, well that’s because I don’t know the words 😛 Ya ya, that was last time lah. Goodness..

Anyhoos, Orange exam just now went well I suppose. I WROTE TWO PAGES FOR EACH PART! YAY! *does victory dance* Lol. I wish i can do the same when I get the results back. Oh please please a B3!

I feel like writing more stuffs but I guess they’re a tad bit too personal because later you all will laugh one. Hur-hur-hur. Sigh.. lol. Refer to the lyrics down there to see la.

*Crows fly by, tumbleweed rolls by*


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