Sunday Bloody Sunday

Lol. I think I almost forgot how to blog. Wahaha. My friends suddenly create their own blogs so why not I create one myself? xD Haha okok. I see crows le.

To start the day, I woke up at 4.30pm. Lol pigg! Yesterday was Radio:Litez’s birthday! Everyone enjoyed I suppose. At the end of the whole day sure got report on it. Unfortunately imman was the one doing it. *evil laugh* His posts always layman type and not content. So, I MADE IT NICER HAHAHA. He’s just the photographer. Lala~

Lol. Today was kinda boring. Kinda panicky for tomoro. Orange exam!!Troubledsoul say one -.- Yaya. Must get B3 then no need take le!!! I MUST GET B3!!

Ok.. a few hours ago something happened. My mom’s friend came to move in. :/ Apparently her husband has been two-timing her and they’re getting divorced. Reminds me of the day my parents divorced. Hurhur. Ya.. so we have more people in the house le!

Funny ah. Why must guys two-time their gf/wife? I just don’t get it. Oh well. Guys shall be guys. xD My mom’s friend’s son is super talkative! Even as I’m writing this he’s babbling nonsense. zzz

Sian le dunno what to say. Very hungry nia. Oh ya. One more thing. 353472 sucks! Use your handphone to decipher it. Rawr..

Good Luck To Me For Tmr. Hahaha.


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